Cash & Carry

I need to know…are we making a profit?

Clover Knows.

Accepting payments. Managing cash flow. Hiring the right employees. There’s no end to the number of hats you wear. Who has time to decipher whether or not you’re making a profit? But with Clover® in your corner, there’s no interpretation required.

Get the job done with an all-in-one POS that replaces your cash register, payment terminal, receipt printer, barcode reader and so much more.

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A POS system that pays you back

Built Tough

Business moves fast. It can get pretty messy. So feel free to push your Clover to the max.

Payment Ready

Accept cash and checks, plus cards that swipe, dip and tap. Clover takes payments on the move or at the counter, safely and securely. Start building your system here.

Total Control

From tracking transactions to managing inventory, you’ve got lots to get done. With Clover , you’ll have lots of ways to it – from any device, including your computer

Show It Off

Put Clover in your corner, but don’t hide it there. Its sleek, clean design is pleasing to the eye and made for the spotlight.

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