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Clover offers businesses like yours point of sale devices that deliver, software to keep services running smoothly, and apps for everything in between.

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Why Choose a Clover all-in-one Point-of Sale (POS) System?

Suite of customizable points of sale systems

Multiple layers of security and fraud protection

Comprehensive business insights

Business building tools and resources

Get Flexible Solutions to Adapt to the Changing Needs of Your Business

Citi Merchant Services offers a suite of solutions that allow you to manage your business efficiently as well as accept payments--whether it's in store, curbside, online, upon delivery or through a mobile device.

Cash Flow

Get the funds you need to keep your business moving. Keep those cash flow headaches at bay so you can focus on your business and your customers.


Make your goods and services more accessible to more customers with our fast and secure online payment solutions.


Whether you need solutions to drive repeat business or add mobile payment acceptance capabilities, or services to help expand your business by adding a new location, we have options to help grow your business.

Do more of what you love to grow your business, and let Clover do the rest.

Find out what our solutions can do for your business. Contact us today to see how Clover can meet your needs.