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UPS has partnered with Clover to deliver a world-class service for business owners. From contactless payments to online ordering, Clover can help your business face today's unique challenges.

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Merchant Services from Clover

Clover eCommerce solutions for all your business needs.

Virtual Terminal

Don’t have a Clover® device or away from it and don’t want to miss a sale? Clover Virtual Terminal gives you the flexibility and convenience of processing payments – and, refunds – wherever you happen to be. Log into your Clover Web Dashboard from a smartphone, tablet, or computer and you’re ready for business anytime, anywhere.


Online Ordering

Clover Online Ordering makes it easy for you to offer delivery of online orders, with delivery dispatched to DoorDash® or through third-party aggregators integrated into Clover. Clover integrates orders for convenient menu and order management as well as reporting.

Clover Rapid Deposit

Clover Rapid Deposit provides faster access to the funds generated by sales transactions. This enables you to avoid the lag time of the traditional settlement funding process.

Clover Hardware

Clover Station Duo

Clover Station Duo is designed for speed, security and engagement with a screen for you and a screen for the customer.

Clover Station Solo

Clover Station Solo is a high-performance POS system to manage your business and  process payments.

Clover Mini

A full point of sale system in a small package. Clover Mini is a smart POS system that makes running your business easier.

Clover Flex

A full-fledged POS and business management system, right in the palm of your hand. Serve customers at the counter, in line or on the go, all while keeping track of your sales and inventory.

Clover Go

Take your entire business with you: accept payments, search transactions, dive into reporting. Go’s hardware companion is a sleek, compact card reader you can take with you anywhere.